UNIMETAL is a leading manufacturer of advanced equipment for vehicle testing. The company has been in business for over 60 years.

We provide a full range of professional equipment for (PTI/MoT) vehicle inspection stations, centers and garages.

About Us

UNIMETAL is a manufacturer of fully integrated and automatic test lanes for testing vehicles. UNIMETAL’s strategy relies on providing high quality products that are based on most up-to-date technologies. In our design and development special emphasis is put on ergonomy of use, efficiency of test processes and longevity of equipment.

The company offers a full range of automatic test lanes satisfying the Philippinean requirements including

  • test lanes for light vehicles (LV) for official motor vehicle inspection centers (MVIC),
  • test lanes for motorcycles (MC) for official motor vehicle inspection centers,
  • mobile test lanes for trucks and cars,
  • test lane for trucks (HV) for stationary test centers.


The production plant is located in Poland (near the border with Germany) in Greater Poland Voivodeship with the capital in Poznań known for its modern and booming automotive industry, including car and truck manufacturers.

High-tech innovation & Quality

Our competitive advantage is based on technological advancements as well as well-designed functionality and ergonomy of our systems. UNIMETAL has its own R&D department employing best class engineers, designers and IT specialists.  The high quality is achieved due to the rigorous quality management system and strict quality inspection.

We make the difference


  • Compliance with the LTO requirements,
  • Fully automated and integrated test lanes,
  • Optimized number of computers in test centers,
  • Technical support and documentation during the preparation of MVICs,
  • Optimized number of computers in test center.

See the difference!