Universal decelometer




The universal BRAKETESTER LWS-2/MC  was designer to take measurements for a wide assortment of vehicles, among them:

  • Passenger cars
  • Transport Cars
  • Motorcycles and quads
  • Buses, tractors (farm)
  • Tractors (mountains)
  • Trams
  • Trolleys
  • Airplanes along landing strips

 The decelometer LWS-2/MC can dynamically register data during breaking by taking into account parameters such as: maximum delay, average delay, speed at the start of breaking, distance covered during breaking i.e. from start of breaking until vehicle halts, force applied to break.

The device works equally well for various breaks, whether they are mechanically based or hydraulically.

These universal parameters of the device suggest a wide range of usage in measurement laboratories, traffic police, and service shops.


More details

  • Recorder + fixing strap
  • Delay sensor
  • A set of cables connecting individual elements
  • Brake pedal pressure sensor – a strain gauge force transducer is used to measure the pressure on the brake pedal, which can cooperate with all roller devices for measuring Quantum series braking forces, i.e. RHO-6 / L, RHC-30, RHE-30 / 6S .
Acceleration+/- 16 m/s2
Range of Measured Acceleration0,01 m/s2
Error in Measured Acceleration0,03 m/s2
Force Applied to Brake0-100 daN