Mobile slow-motion rollers



Mobile rollers

Mobile rollers ensure a safe use of roller brake testers to inspect each type of vehicles with many axle drive, including those without an inter axle differential.

A test of braking systems in 4WD vehicles is performed without need to turn the drives off. To this end one drives with the axle to be tested on the roller brake tester while the non-tested axle should be placed on the mobile roller set. Then the test is carried out like in the case of a one axle drive vehicle.

The Uniline Quantum lanes offer two ways of testing 4WD drive vehicles:

applying a special option in the Quantum software (automatic driver detection and testing procedure)
using a mobile set of rollers.


  • PW-3,5 for cars and light commercial vehicles (with total weight up to 3,5 t)
  • PW-UNI for trucks, commercial vehicles and cars (with total weight up to and above 3,5 t)