Control and integration

The whole range of UNIMETAL diagnostic equipment is characterized not only by durable and proven mechanical modules but also by friendly control system and full integration of devices.


Control and integration in UNILINE QUANTUM

Intelligent Test Lanes

UNIMETAL vehicle test lanes and devices are designed according to our concept of intelligent PTI centers. At each stage of the design process of control and software systems, we are oriented on offering full professional functionalities and  keeping the simplicity of use at the same time. We put emphasis on optimization of working time and automation of processes such as searching or entering vehicle data or selection of appropriate working modes and settings.

Simplicity Through Technology 

UNIMETAL test lanes are operated by use of either simple and friendly remote control or mobile Android devices. Our remote control is based on only four arrow buttons and one approval one. Similarly, in the case of mobile devices – we use clear screen buttons or gestures (depending on the selected option).

Full Integration and Simple Archiving
UNILINE QUANTUM test lane is not just a set of devices, it forms a coherent system of mutually communicating devices. We achieved the full  integration, which translates into the quality and efficiency of work at the station. The diagnostician has the comfort of using only one application. After the vehicle test, all results are presented in the summary report. Data is kept in one transparent and secure database, which is better than this one required by law.

Central control units
Control cabinets in the UNILINE QUANTUM lanes are available in two varieties: ERGO and GALAXY. Our control cabinets are full of electric and electronic systems and in addition the control cabinet is a perfect place for stowing a monitor, a keyboard or other accessories on it.

The ERGO control cabinet is an elegant and optimal solution for MOT stations which are focused on efficiency and play with practical and technical aspects. The control cabinet is developed in the field of ergonomics. Central control unit has a large desktop for the monitor, keyboard and additional devices, as well as a capacious and comfortable drawer. The illuminated door with the company logo makes it a central element of the station.

The GALAXY central control unit has been created for MOT stations that require modern settings and technologies. It is distinguished by the futuristic design and backlights referring to the applied innovations. It is the central point of MOT stations and it makes an impression on customers.

Control unit GALAXY

Radio remote control

Vehicle license reader

Control unit ERGO

Android application

More Details


  • Monitor
  • Set of computer with a keyboard and mouse
  • Printer
  • QUANTUM TERMINAL Android app and also with the radio remote control


  • Control cabinets: Ergo or Galaxy
  • Colour selection: according to the RAL colour chart
  • Vehicle license reader
  • Inverters (connected with the choice of options in roller brake testers and suspension testers)
  • Camera registering tested vehicles (taking vehicle photos)
  • Fingerprint reader for the authorization of access to the system.

Control unit ERGO / GALAXY

Power supply3 x 400 V
PortsRS, USB, Ethernet
Standard colour (blue or red)RAL 5005RAL 3020
Own choice of colour (see more)according to the RAL chart
Signal of the radio remote control50 m