Tire Tread Scan Plate



Uni Scanner

UNI SCANNER is a device for measuring and analyzing the tyre tread. It is intended for vehicle service stations, tyre services and automobile workshops.
The device is based on a laser technology that enables a very quick measurement. Tread depth is measured as the vehicle passes over the profiler. Measurement results are transferred to the computer program. Using the appropriate algorithms, the program analyzes the obtained profile in terms of:
• tyre wear,
• wheel alignment (toe-in, inclination),
• tyre pressure,
• braking distance (road simulation).

Each tyre profile is presented in a legible graphical form. The report contains conclusions from the analysis, ie information and warnings regarding the correctness of tyre wear, possible defects and simulated braking distance.

More Details


• Measurement platforms – floor or inground version
• Computer kit
• Software


• Automatic license plate reader

Measurement accuracy0.25 mm
Max. tyre width600 mm
Max. speed8 km/h
Supply voltage230 VAC,50 – 60 Hz,
Max. axle load4 t
A range of operating temperature0-40°C
The protection level of measuring modulesIP65