Automatic headlight tester

Type: HLT-5000



HLT-5000 is an automatic head light tester designed for use in motor vehicle inspection centers for light vehicles and motorcycles. It is based on CMOS machine vision camera together with high-speed DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and light image alignment technologies. High accuracy and resistance to external interference is assured. HLT-5000 automatically localizes the light source, performs all the measurements automatically and transmits all the data to the main Multiline Quantum system.

General Specification:

  • Measuring Range:
    • Light Intensity:0 – 120,000 cd
  • Optic Axis Deviation:
    • Up 1°30′ – Down 3°(Up 25 cm / 10 m – Down 50 cm / 10 m)
    • Left 3° – Right 3° (Left 50 cm / 10 m – Right 50 cm / 10 m)
  • Inspection Distance: 1 m

More Details

positionerautomatic system
height155 cm