Wheel Aligner for Cars

Type: Quantum GEO



Wheel alignment device designed for vehicles with GVM up to 3.5 t.
The device can be used both on a pit and on a lift in automobile workshops or PTI stations.
CCD sensors / cameras are used in Quantum GEO device as a measuring technology.
The device obtains the complete information about a tested vehicle through signals from 8 sensors.
The device is intended for passenger cars and off-road vehicles with wheelbases in the range of 1.8 – 4.7 m and track width of 0 – 2.2 m.
It is really practical with a laptop which can show results in any place around the tested vehicle and also with the option of transferring the image to an additional screen.
The functional set of ramps is priced with the device designed for a pit stand. Expansion plates are also part of the standard equipment.

• ease of reading wheel alignment parameters,
• space saving on the stand,
• comprehensive database,
• measurement activities presented by animations,
• bluetooth,
• computer control,
• mobile application control (optional),
• battery life up to 8 hours,
• mobile cabinet for transporting devices,
• very light measuring heads,
• 4 measurement modes.

More Details


• 2 galvanized rotating plates with overruns and parts for a compensation
• 4 measuring heads with a set of CCD sensors
• 4 four-point quick-release measuring clamps for each wheel
• Mobile cabinet with a portable computer powered by a battery
• A4 laser printer
• 1 brake pedal lock
• 1 steering lock,
• 2 expansion plates with ramps


• Large monitor and a PC
• Quick-release arms for aluminum rims 2 x STDA38
• Emergency power wires (do not charge the battery) STDA76W
• Second set of rotating plates
• Set of extended metal claws – 2 x STDA 41
• Three-point clamps 2 x STDA35E
• Set of clamps for Mercedes and BMW 2 x STDA37

Capacity of rotating platforms2 x 1000 kg
Measuring head qty4 pcs.
CCD qty8 pcs.
Data baseover 20 000 vehicles
Additional programsspoiler, measurement after lifting the vehicle, measurement with turned wheels