DECELEROMETER - The device for measurement of the braking delay




The BMD-400 is a multifunction device, which is designed to measure the braking delay of all vehicle type (e.g. vehicles up and to 3,5 t, motorcycles, buses, tractors).

For the BMD-400 device is dedicated application installed on PC, which allows for preview and printout the test report. The test report presents graphs which allows for analysis and evaluation of measurement results. The communication between the device and application on PC is realized wireless by Wi-Fi.
The decelerometer is equipped with a brake pedal pressure meter.


It serves as a decelerometer on its own, but also as a brake pedal pressure meter and a sensor for pneumatic pressure in brake systems. Moreover, it is fully integrated with the UNILINE QUANTUM test lane, i.e. it transmits wirelessly the results directly to the control unit and the computer program of the test lane.

The BMD-400 is also a kind of insurance policy in case of loss or damage of the remote controls both the test lane and our play detectors.

More details

  • BMD-400 device
  • brake pedal pressure meter
  • handle
  • BMD-400_PC APP
  • case
  • Li-ion battery
  • pressure sensor for pneumatic systems
Decelerometer maasuring range± 100 % / ±

9,81 m/s2

 Decelerometer accuraccy1 %
Force measurement accuracy± 1 %
Force measurement range0-100 daN
Power supply6-12 V DC (of the R6 type batteries or rechargeable cells).