Roller Brake Tester HDV

Type: RHC-30



RHC-30 is a modern brake tester for vehicles with total weight above 3.5 t, including trucks, buses, agricultural tractors, trailers and vehicles with AWD drive. RHC-30 might work as an element of an integrated UNILINE QUANTUM 3000 test lane or as an independent device. It is designed for PTI/MoT center, public transport companies and truck service stations.

The electromechanical part of the device is a proven design of high durability. It is equipped with innovative measuring systems and microprocessor control board, which work with the UNILINE QUANTUM or MULTILINE QUANTUM software – see Software Solutions.

The user-friendly software guides users through the testing process and automatically interprets test results. The system has many additional functionalities, which might be activated when more advanced tests and analysis of brake systems are required.

More Details


  • Brake pedal pressure meter
  • Pneumatic pressure sensor
  • Free roller pad (for AWD tests)
  • Drive-over covers
  • QUANTUM TERMINAL Android app


  • AWD / 4×4 mode: automatic detection of multi axle drive and special test procedure
  • Smart Start and Drive-Off support systems (based on frequency inverters)
  • Additional LCD repeater
  • Control cabinets: Ergo or Galaxy
  • Software options: Uniline Quantum, Smart Quantum, Multiline Quantum – see the Software Solutions page

Installation & Service

  • Available in two versions: pit installation or compact installation
  • Foundation frames (to simplify installation)
  • Online diagnostics service module
Parameters Value
Maximal axle load18 t
Wheel rim diameter range14″- 33″
Track width (adjustable)990 – 2700 mm
Brake force measuring range0 – 30 kN
Engine power2 x 7.5 kW
Roller test speed2.5 km/h
Brake pedal force range0 – 1000 N