3D Wheel Aligner for Cars

Type: Quantum 3D



Quantum 3D is a wheel alignment device designed for vehicles with GVM up to 3.5 t. Quantum 3D as the one and only device on the market combines the precision of the measurement, complexity, and convenience of use. The mix of an accurate technology and an intuitive interface guarantees an effortless measurement. It is a perfect solution either for PTI stations or service stations.


-unique and precise 3D technology,
– quick-release and self-adjusting 3-point clamps,
– complete mobility and universality – the possibility of the use either on a pit or a lift,
– large detailed database.
– ruggedized.

The whole wheel alignment measurement lasts a few minutes.

More Details


  • 2 galvanized turntables and ramps
  • 2 measuring heads with a set of 3D and CCD measurement sensors
  • 4 three-point quick-release measuring clamps with screens for each vehicle wheel
  • Mobile control cabinet with a portable computer powered by a battery
  • A4 laser printer
  • 2 head clamps
  • 1 brake pedal lock
  • 1 steering lock
  • 2 expansion plates with ramps


  • Additional equipment for the STDA117 pit/lift
  • Control Android device STDA141
  • Large monitor and a PC
  • The second set of STDA128 power batteries
  • Emergency power cables (while charging the battery) STDA118
  • Second set of turntables
  • Set of metal claws 2 x STDA 40
  • Set of extended metal claws – 2 x STDA 41
  • Gauge of deflection angles and the current suspension height (RMS) – STDA23 / BTH
  • Set of additional screens for measuring the position of the body relative to the STDA119 suspension
  • 4-point clamps 10-24 ” 2 x STDA33EU
  • Set of clamps for specialistic mounting on Mercedes and BMW 2 x STDA37 rims
Paremeters Values
Lifting capacity of turntables2 x 1000 kg
Quantity of measuring heads2 pcs
Quantity of 3D cameras 4 pcs
Quantity of CCD sensors2 pcs
Typ of screens3D
Heads – computer connection wireless
The range of wheel rims8″ – 24″
Databaseover 20 000 vehicles