Compact suspension tester for vehicles with total weight up to 3,5 t

Type: TUZ-2-C



The suspension tester is a compact version used to inspect the shock absorption performance in vehicles with total weight up to 3,5 t. It can work as a part of the integrated test lane or as a stand-alone device.
The device TUZ-2-C is designed for testing the suspension damping effectiveness of light vehicles with max axle load up to 2 t. The test procedure is based on the so-called EUSAMA method.
The quality of the suspension damping is determined on the basis of the grip coefficient for all vehicle wheels. It is defined as the percentage proportion of the minimal vertical dynamic load of the wheel (exerted on the measuring plate after forced vibrations) to the static load of the wheel.
The device TUZ-2-C consists of two vibration plates, mounted in one frame, connected to the control system.

More details

  • Control Unit
  • silicon covers of the measuring plates protecting against dirt and water
  • technical documentation (manual, user, declaration of conformity WE, certificate)
  • The function of detecting suspension caltters
  • cables and wires to connect central unit and tester
Max axle load while measuring2 t
Max axle load while driving over18 t
Aplitude of vibrations6 mm
Vibration frequency0-24 Hz
Track width800-2200 mm
Power supply3×400 V