Integrated test lanes including brake testers, suspension testers, side slip plates, speedometer testers, exhaust analysis, headlight testers etc.



Different type of mobile test lanes both fully automated containerized solutions and simpler but practical vehicle testing sets



Highly effective integrated computer systems designed for large PTI centers, enabling testing vehicles in a queue configuration


Functionalities that make a difference

Drive-off Support/Assist

We apply solutions based on either frequency inverters, brakes or lifts that support and assist inspectors to drive off roller brake testers.

4x4 Testing

Roller brake testers are equipped with automatic 4x4 (AWD) detection systems. These solutions are available in both automatic and manual modes.

Extra diagnostic functionalities

Uniline Quantum devices surprise with extra diagnostic functionalities such as test procedures for ABS and ESP testing on roller brake testers, clatter detection in suspension tester or additional tests of suspension damping properties by use of latest methods.

Weighing Systems

All models of roller brake testers can be equipped with built-in weighing systems that are integrated with the software. In case the LDV test lane the brake effectiveness can be computed by use of axle load taken from the suspension tester.

Graphical Test Result Presentation

Modern efficient technological solutions and due measuring signal sampling allow us to provide full diagnostic analysis of test results, which can be analysed by means of friendly graphical form.

Play Detector functionalities

In Uniline Quantum systems play detector becomes a fully integrated part of the system. Special cameras provide images that can be included in final test report. A special Play Detector Android application provides an editable check-list and inspection results sends to final test report.

Wireless sensors

Brake pedal force or braking system pneumatic pressure sensors are automatically detected and its indications radio transmitted to the main micro controller that processes them for diagnostic purposes.

MULTI SYSTEM for multilane vehicle test centers - Software and Control Innovations
Professional multi-task control system for management of several integrated test lanes

Hi-Tech Solutions

Plate Recognition

One of the options to retrieve vehicle data into Uniline Quantum system is the UNI-CAM system which automatically recognizes license plate numbers and searches for other vehicle data in prescribed data bases/servers (internal or external).

QR Code Reader

Another option to input vehicle data is an application of QR code reader to registration document. This solution instantly feeds the Uniline Quantum system with all necessary data kept in QR codes.

Android App’s

UNIMETAL employs the latest IT solutions to make the test lane system as universal and open as possible and their use friendly and efficient. All our devices can be controlled by use of Android mobile devices.

Fully Integrated Test Lane

In the UNIMETAL integrated test lane systems all measurement and inspection results are incorporated into one final test report, including exhaust analysis, headlight tests, check-list inspection etc.

Data Base Management

The UNIMETAL test lane systems have their own data base that is open for such solutions as external input, data export to external (governmental or corporate) IT systems or tailor-cut reports and statistics.

Access & Security

For authorization of PTI inspectors/operators the UNIMETAL systems allow either user ID sign-up or fingerprint scans. In order to keep test evidence vehicle's photos are shoot and stored automatically.

Quality & Ergonomy Commitment
Certified Quality and R&D Approach


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