Speedometer Tester for Motorcycle

Type: SPT-1



Speedometer Tester for Motorcycle.

Speedometer SPT-1 is a device used to test vehicles speed indicators by comparing its measurement with measures taken on the test device. It is intended to use for 2-wheels vehicles with the axle load up to 1t. Measurement is taken with use of the induction sensor.
Device SPT-1 consists of rollers in frame seated on bearings. Measurement is made with a special disc made with specified amount of sensory elements which are picked up by an induction sensor mounted on a main frame. When mentioned disc is spinning together with rollers, induction sensor pick signals generated by sensory elements. Those signals are then processed by controller thanks to which measured speed is displayed in real time to user on the computer. The device is equipped with a pneumatic lift mechanism supporting drive-out of vehicles. The lift will push the vehicle up to allow the Driver to drive-out from the SPT-1.

More Details

Parameters Value
Maximal axle load1 t
Measuring range0 – 100 km/h