Hydraulic play detector

Type: SZ-4H


Hydraulic play detector SZ-4H

Play detector is a device generating forced jerks of vehicle’s wheels. Play detector allows a check of plays in elements of suspension and steering systems (e.g. joints, bolts, bearings).

Hydraulic play detector SZ-4H is powered by a hydraulic power unit and is intended to test vehicles with total weight up to 3,5t.

The movements of the SZ-4H are longitudinal and transverse (movements shown at pictures with grey arrows on the left side).

Combination of different plate’s movements improves the efficiency of a testing process. The jerking plates are galvanized assuring long durability of the device. Plates are also grooved to prevent slipping of wheels.

Light plates of the play detector are designed to not overload the motor and prolong the exploitation.

The device is equipped with LED control torch with the bright light stream. Intuitive and easy control of the torch improves the functionality of usage.

In our offer, there are also foundation frames which ensure the durability and safety of use of the device.

More Details


  • two mechanical parts with jerking plates
  • hydraulic power unit
  • electric cabinet (steering)
  • wire LED torch


  • cables and hoses ( + bushing lap twisted)
  • wireless LED control torch

Installation & Service

  • Available in pit installation
  • Foundation frames (to simplify installation)
Maximum axle load4 t
Movement of platessynchronized
Travel of plates60 mm


60 mm



Dimensions710 x 690 x 200 [mm]
Power unithydraulic
Supply voltage3 x 400 V

1,7 kW