Roller brake tester LDV

Type: RHO-8-CA



RHO-8-CA is a modern brake testers for vehicles with max axle load up to 4 t including cars and delivery trucks, agricultural tractors, trailers and vehicles with 4 × 4 drive.
The device can be equipped in a weighing system as an option.
The electromechanical part of the device is a proven design of high durability. All our devices are enhanced by innovative measuring systems and microprocessor control board, which work with the UNILINE QUANTUM software.
The user-friendly software guides users through the testing process and automatically interprets test results. The system has many additional functionalities, which might be activated when more advanced tests and analysis of brake systems are required.
Device is connected to control unit and can be controlled by use of remote controle or Android device.
After a vehicle enters the roller module and the wheels are placed in the roller bed, the auxiliary roller lever is pressed and a proximity sensor system detects it and passes the information to the control system. Torque is transferred to the wheels by two sets of rollers, both of which are independently powered by single electric engine. The engines counteract the rolling resistance and keep the rollers and vehicle wheels rotating with a required peripheral speed until the end of test.

More Details

Paremeters Value
Maximal axle load4 t
Track width800-2200
Brake force measuring range0 – 8 kN
Motors2 x 4 kW
Perimeter velocity of the rollers3,6 km/h