Uniline Quantum 3000



Ergonomy that makes the difference

UNILINE QUANTUM 3000 is a fully integrated test lane for professional inspections of vehicles with total weight above 3.5 t. This high performance system is intended for use in PTI/MoT centers  as well as in truck and bus service stations. It complies with the most demanding standards of inspection bodies and leading vehicle manufacturers. The UNILINE QUANTUM system combines the proven mechanical design with very latest technologies.

UNILINE QUANTUM 3000 can be operated by use of either a radio remote control with only 4 arrows and “Enter” key or any Android device with our Quantum Terminal app. It offers fully automated test procedure as well as manual modes. See more at the Control & Integration page.

In case of bigger PTI centers test lanes we recommend the MULTILINE QUANTUM system which is dedicated to centers inspecting many vehicles per day. It enables the center to testing a few vehicles on one lane simultanously. See more at the MULTISYSTEM page.

Hi-Tech in vehicle testing

  • Quick check-in: QR code reader for vehicle’s documents, license plate number recognition and retrieving vehicle data from external data bases
  • Usage authorization: finger print scan and/or login
  • Local data base with backup tools
  • Vehicle’s photo integrated into final test report
  • Software integration with external governmental or corporate data bases
  • Android application to communicate test procedures and control (as an alternative)
  • Calibration data storage in the microcontroller memory
  • Ethernet, USB and RS communication.

Full integration

Uniline Quantum 3000 integrates the full range of vehicle test devices such as

  • roller brake tester
  • speedometer tester
  • side slip tester
  • play detector
  • opacimeter
  • headlight tester.

The system is often extended with other devices such as sound level meters or tire thread readers.

Installation & service

  • Available in either the pit version (installed along workshop pits) or the compact version (installed in floor recesses),
  • Foundation frames are provided (to simplify the installation process),
  • Test lane devices can be configured in an arbitrary order,
  • Online diagnostics module integrated with service mode.

The Uniline Quantum 3000 test lane

Brake tester

Speedometer tester

Side slip tester

Play detector

Gas analyser


Headlight beam tester

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