Glass tester




The device LASZ-4 for measuring the amount of light that passes through a window is a precise device of an electric-optic type.

In order to guarantee efficient and precise use, one must:

  • Use the device as specified by the instruction manual
  • Keep the device clean; after use one should turn off the device and place it in its original packaging
  • Do not use the device in places that are very humid
  • Keep the device away from strong electric or magnetic fields
  • Do not leave the device in places where the temperature is above +40°C or below +5°C
  • Do not disassemble the device; it voids the warranty and may be the cause of the malfunction
  • Do not use a device that is malfunctioning to record data
  • Used batteries are to be replaced with new ones of the same type; used batteries should be placed together and properly disposed of, not to be used in high temperatures nor be thrown into open fire
  • In the case that a device is known to malfunction despite previously being functional, the manufacturer should be contacted immediately


More Details

  • Recorder
  • Illuminator equipped with a white light source
  • Measuring sensor (measuring head radiation detector)
  • Standard glass with a known light transmission coefficient
  • PC cable (for reading measurement data)
  • The cable for power from the cigarette lighter socket
  • Transport case
  • The program on CD Glass tester LASZ-4


Thickness of measured glass must be0-8 mm
Measuring rangeod 0,0 do 100,0%
Supply voltage: internal vehicle installation12 V DC4xR6