Speedometer Tester

Type: ST-16/M


Speedometer Tester

Speedometer SPTM-16 is a device used to test vehicles speed indicators by
comparing its measurement with measures taken on test device. It is intended to use for vehicles with the axle load up to 16t. Measurement is taken with use of the induction sensor. Device SPTM-16 consists of two pairs of rollers in one frame seated on bearings. The entrance rollers are connected through a jaw clutch, the surface of those rollers are knurling for increased tire grip. Measurement is done with a special disc made with specified amount of sensory elements which are picked up by an induction sensor mounted on a main frame.

More Details


  • Radio remote control – 100m range
  • Control cabinets: Ergo or Galaxy
  • Software options: QUANTUM TERMINAL Android App,  Multiline Quantum – see the Software Solutions page
Parameters Value
Admissible axle load16t
Maximum speed120 km/h
Power supply24 V DC
Nominal air pressure5 bar